4 Reasons Why Your Feedback Doesn’t Work

You are frustrated that you tell them BUT they don’t change.

Here is how to make it work:

1️⃣ Make sure people listen.

Don’t say something false.
Don’t generalize.
Don’t use “always” or “never”.


2️⃣ Help people understand you.

Be specific.
Give 1 recent example.


3️⃣ Don’t force people to accept.

Be patient.
Allow people time to process.


4️⃣ Help people change.

There is a huge gap between awareness and change.
Don’t expect change overnight.
Be supportive.


There are a thousand ways to screw up when you give feedback.

Especially when it is negative.

Your goal is NOT to just say what’s on your mind

Your goal is for the other person to take action upon your feedback.

Don’t wait up! – Master your giving feedback skills!

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