Don’t wait for the big fireworks!

The completion of a big project, the end of difficult negotiations, the closing of a huge investment – we all know that such work events are celebrated lavishly and spectacularly with “fireworks”!

But do you manage to stop for a while on the way to the top?
Before setting the next task, do you gather the team to look back and observe what you’ve done well so far?
Do you celebrate the small wins?

Why should you celebrate team wins?

Imagine being on a hike – without a compass, nor any markings or signs, while new peaks constantly arise at your sight and so, naturally, you aim to reach the next one…

Well, that’s how the people on your team feel if you don’t celebrate your team achievements along the way ⇨ free falling because there’s no sign to show you – “hey, we’re doing well and we’re on the right track! ”

Celebrating small victories also brings:

  • knowledge of what you do well (so you can keep doing it).
  • confidence (that you can achieve even greater success).
  • connection (people build healthy relations and a sense of belonging to the team).
How to do it (or which are the important ingredients of a team celebration):
  • Celebrate together (as a team)
    This should be a shared experience. Handing out certificates or gift cards to each team member wouldn’t really do the job.
  • Make it meaningful
    Make sure people understand why the team celebration is relevant to them.
  • Be specific
    Mark the specific small victory. “Good job, team!” won’t boost morale.
  • Acknowledge each member
    Everyone on the team must be aware of their own contributions that led to the team’s success.

A good time to make such a celebration would be during a Retrospective or an After Action Review.
During these meetings, you can also add a moment for a general celebration and recognition of tasks well done.

It’s also a good idea to add team celebrations to your Team Rituals.

Finally, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What was your team’s last achievement?
  • What did you do after that?
  • Was your team aware it was successful together?

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