Know What’s Expected from You

The simplest tool to know what’s expected from you

Unclear expectations: it’s one of the biggest issues we’ve seen in the work dynamics of 200+ tech teams.


If you are not sure what your boss expects from you, do this:


⒈ Choose a situation (past or future)


⒉ You and your boss write down 3 lists:

✅ What is expected from you to do? That’s mandatory. That’s part of your job.

What is expected from you NOT to do? That’s forbidden. That’s not part of your job.

⚪ What’s neither one of the above? That’s unclear. That’s “The Gray Area”.


⒊ Compare and align the lists. The goal is to limit the gray area and have the same things in the green and red lists.


Lack of clarity is expected, but it leads to lack of commitment and lack of speed.

So, whenever you are in a new role, or in a new situation, or a task is at the border between you and your teammates – use this tool to bring clarity.

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