2 impro games to play with your coworkers!
Do something fun & useful after work
Play with real scenarios from the tech world
43.80 EUR / year
Soft Skills Impro

2 pills for the price of 1 pizza

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43.80 EUR / year
You’ll Get
  • 2 pills for the price of 1 pizza
  • 40 real-life scenarios to play with 
  • Instructions on how to play the games with your teammates
  • Actionable approaches for giving feedback and resolving conflicts
  • 1-year access
  • Updates and improvements of the pills
  • No price increase when your subscription is renewed
Get this now if you
  • You want to organize a teambuilding or training on your own
  • You want to bond with your coworkers by doing something interesting, useful, and fun after work
  • You don’t want to spend too much or wait for budget approvals from your management
  • You are on a diet or you’re sick of having pizza at every after-work event 😀 Just kidding… We’re pizza lovers, too!
43.80 EUR / year
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Make really interesting and useful teambuilding with your coworkers…
so that even the HR department envies you 😉
– The Gang of SSP
43.80 EUR / year