You’re a leader of a dev team and want to:
  • decrease the tension between people
  • ease your team’s communication
  • bring your team together
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✔ 2 team exercises for giving and getting feedback
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✔ Automatic access to future updates of the exercises
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Invite the people from your dev team to the Feedback Party
Your dev people will stop avoiding giving feedback to each other.
Your dev people will start expressing their opinions regularly.
You’ll stop wondering what are your team’s biggest work anxieties.
You’ll improve the psychological safety of your team.
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✔ 30+ real-life scenarios taken from tech companies
✔ 2 of our most requested exercises by team leaders
✔ Actionable and safe approaches for giving and getting feedback
✔ Instructions on how to do the exercises with your teammates
43.80 EUR / year
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43.80 EUR / year
Get this now if the people on your team
  • Avoid giving feedback
  • Trigger unhealthy conflicts with their feedback
  • There is tension between them and you don’t know what’s causing it
  • Your teammates don’t share their problems within the team openly
And your dev team will discover
  • Golden rules and a checklist with the most important principles for giving feedback
  • What are the feedback pitfalls to watch out for
  • What causes conflicts in the team
  • What everyone on the team thinks about their teammates’ behavior
43.80 EUR / year
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This party needs a leader to organize it.
And beer is not important… but it still helps…
– The Gang of SSP
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