Remote Team Building like an MTV Star

Have you seen the MTV show Cribs?
The TV series in which celebrities show their homes.

Well, with this vitamin, you will turn into Snoop Dogg!

Just kidding…

We’re borrowing the idea from the popular show to apply it in our remote work reality.
Connecting on a purely human level is difficult when we don’t see each other in the office – face to face. No more of the casual talks around the water dispenser to exchange ideas about the upcoming family trip, for example.

But remote setup lets in another advantage. In most cases, everyone works from home. You have access to peek at where everyone on your team is currently living. And it’s much more personal than working from an office.

Use this opportunity as another way for the teammates to build that connection!

You can ask a teammate to take you on a short tour of a favorite part of their place. Of course, something they feel comfortable with sharing with the team — favorite objects, the book they’re reading at the moment or maybe their collection of board games.

How to do the Cribs activity?

  • You need a Video conferencing app
  • Use your phone while doing the tour
  • The tour takes only a few minutes
  • You can include the Cribs activity before or during a recurring team meeting

Which are the advantages of this activity?

  • Teammates get to know each other more easily
  • It allows teammates to connect more naturally on a human level with each other, discovering common interests or tastes.
  • It’s fun! (are you also tired of getting to know the team only through: “Hey, tell me something about yourself!” 😒)

👉 The source of this idea is episode 118 of the Crazy One Podcast with Stephen Gates. In the episode you can find more ideas for remote team building activities!

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