An online self-assessment tool, revealing a snapshot of your team dynamics

See how strong
your dev team is

Stop wondering if your actions are right.
Get a reality check, focus on the critical aspects, and talk about the tough issues.

25 eur / team member

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What dev leaders say about TReE Team Scan
The tool is a result of team coaching in 70+ tech companies
It is based on 11 years of software development experience and 12 years of team coaching of more than 300 dev teams.

25 eur / team member

How will TReE Team Scan help you as a leader?
✔ It shows what you’ve accomplished and allows you to celebrate team successes.
✔ It gives you a reality check and objective insights into your team’s issues.
✔ It enables you to give more transparency to the team and make it safe for people to speak up.
✔ It focuses you on the most important issues of your team.
✔ It kicks off conversations and activities to improve your team.
✔ It helps you facilitate critical discussions on challenging topics.
✔ It gives you a deep understanding of how your team works.
✔ It opens up and engages people on your team.
✔ It measures your team‘s capabilities and dysfunctions.
What is TReE Team Scan?
A quick self-assessment tool that scans your team and takes a snapshot of its dynamics.

TReE Team Scan consists of a survey team members fill out and a report that is generated based on the survey.

The tool is based on the TReE Team Model, which examines 9 core elements of your team, related to Trust, Results, and Evolution. It gives you insight on:

Trust: how strong the human relationships are in your team and how psychologically safe is your team environment?

Results: how well-organized is your team and how effectively does it deliver quality results?

Evolution: how does the team deal with all external forces coming outside of the team?

Ready to scan your team?
Here are a few notes before buying
The pricing for the tool is per team member. The quantity you buy = the number of people on your team.
When buying, you’ll have to select a quantity. This should equal the number of people on your team who work together on a daily basis.

If you, in your role as leader, are directly participating in the team's activities, you should count yourself as well.

Key stakeholders who are connected & influence with the team, but are not working on a daily basis as part of the team, should not be counted.

Everything happens through the email you give when buying.
When you buy a team scan, you enter an email that we'll use throughout the process.
That's where we'll send you simple instructions when you buy the scan.
That's where you’ll get the report when it's ready.

We advise you to check your Spam folder to have a smooth process.

After the purchase, a 14-day period begins for you to complete your scan.
We’ve set a deadline for scanning your team dynamics in order to create a snapshot.

We’ve seen that 14 days is long enough for people to organize themselves into completing the survey and also short enough so that the picture is taken at the same moment.

Get your company to pay for the tool using this simple template:
"Hey [manager], I'd love to see how strong my team is using this tool for a quick but in-depth assessment:

I'll use it to do a reality check & get insights on our efforts to make the team [current team development goal].
The goal is to speed up the process. Hopefully, 2x faster.

It's 25 EUR per team member, but I have a [your discount] discount that expires in 1 week.

Can I please expense it to the company?"

95% of people fill the survey
in less than 15 mins
The survey is totally anonymous
The survey is easy to fill,
with 3-point rating scale
You have 14 days to complete
the survey after buying the scan
The survey is filled by
team members only
The tool can be used repeatedly
to measure progress
Look inside
Three example pages of a TReE Team Scan report.

25 eur / team member

Who’s behind this?

Meet the gang of Soft Skills Pills – we’re a small team of tech & HR people!

Hari is our tech person. He worked for 11 years in a tech company – starting as a software developer and progressing to an engineering manager. He’s led many software development teams for international clients and innovation products before focusing on the development of all tech people and teams in a company-wide role.

He left his exec role to start a company for team coaching and soft skills training of dev people. He co-founded the company together with Petya.

Petya is our people person. She has rich experience in HR, most of it in a tech company. She has been the go-to people partner for hundreds of leaders of dev teams, consulting them on any people & team issues. She’s been a soft skills trainer for almost two decades.

Vasi is our human marketing person. She believes that everything should be created by people for people. After working in the HR team at a tech company, she discovered that she is truly passionate about content creation and marketing communications in a human way.

We have coached 300+ dev teams on how to be both high-performing & people-caring and ~3000 tech people to work better together in 70+ tech organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The TReE Team Scan tool has 4 main differences.

1. You can assess your team on your own – without the need for an external observer, coach, or trainer to conduct the assessment.

2. It takes remarkably little time – you can scan your team in as little as 15 mins.

3. It does in-depth analysis – the report you’ll get focuses on 3 key aspects of teams, further exploring 9 core elements, all evaluated separately.

4. It’s focused on teams in tech – as it’s based on coaching 300+ dev teams and after 17 years of developing software, managing projects, and training people.

The time it takes to complete the survey is about 15 minutes. For some people, it might take a bit longer, while others may finish it more quickly. 95% of people who’ve filled out the survey do it in less than 15 mins.

Yes, it’s completely anonymous. Neither you nor any team member has access to the survey response data.

We use Google Forms for creating the survey and we have the response data, but every response is anonymous as no personal details are gathered during the process. We don’t know who’s answered what.

You should count yourself just like the other team members if you are directly participating in the team’s activities.

However, if you are not working on a daily basis as part of the team, you should not include yourself in the quantity you buy.

No. By buying the tool, you are committing to ensure that you’ll follow the process and that the people on your team complete the survey on time. We have no control over this part – it’s your responsibility.

The three common reasons for failed scans are:
1. Nobody fulfills the Survey.
2. You have not sent the Survey Link to your team on time or at all.
3. You have not filled in the basic team information we asked you for after you bought the scan.

If any of these happen, your payment won’t be refunded.

In this case, you will still receive a report after the 14-day period passes. It will be generated based on the responses of the team members who have completed the survey.

You will have the most accurate snapshot if everyone from your team fills out the survey. The fewer people fill it out, the less accurate the snapshot will be.

Please note that in this case you are not eligible for either a full or a partial refund. By purchasing the tool, you commit to ensuring that the process is followed and that all your team members complete the Survey on time. We do not have control over this aspect – it is your responsibility.

No. Once you have purchased a team scan, you cannot add additional people to it. We advise you to carefully consider the exact number of people on your team before buying.

With the current number you’ve chosen, you’ll get a less accurate snapshot. To get the most accurate snapshot, an option is to make a new purchase with the correct number of people.

Yes. Anyone within or outside the team can buy and thus initiate a team scan.

The person whose email is provided at checkout will be responsible for managing the process.

Please note that if the person buying the scan is not part of the team, then they should not be counted in the purchase quantity and should not fill out the survey. They will just manage the whole process.

The TReE Team Scan report is sent to the email provided to us during checkout.

We use this email throughout the whole process.

If you want to monitor the team’s progress on specific metrics, we highly recommend you assess your team every 3-4 months.

If you’re only looking to get a snapshot of the team dynamics at a particular moment, doing a TReE Team Scan just once would be enough.

Please contact us using our contact page to see how we can resolve the issue.

TReE Team Scan is a tool intended for the assessment of one team at a time. To assess multiple teams, you should make separate purchases for each team.

If you want to order a larger quantity of TReE Team Scan, please contact us using our contact page.

25 eur / team member

Want to improve your team dynamics but don’t know where to start?
Our team scan will give you a good start on it.