The Art of the Awkward 1:1

Take a look at what Mark Rabkin, VP leading VR at Meta, has to say about all these 1:1’s we take the time for every day!

As he has put it so well: Unfortunately, most people totally waste their 1:1 time.

So he has come up with an interesting strategy to ensure every one-on-one meeting counts by applying just 2 rules for every “awkward 1:1”:

👉 Don’t talk about any topic that you could discuss in the open
👉 Commit to saying one rather awkward thing every 1:1, and get the other person to commit too.

Check out the details along with his long list of guaranteed awkward and positive things to help you get started in his article. 😉

-Thanks to Nikolay Stoitsev for recommending this read! 😊

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