The Conflict Resolution Gap

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One of the biggest pitfalls when resolving conflicts: 👇

Assuming you are arguing about the same thing.

When you argue it’s quite common to split the argument into two.

What’s “funny” is this usually happens without noticing it.

You put your perspective.

They put theirs.

You argue.

At some point two things might happen:
① You understand you are talking about two different things.

② You reach a resolution.

The issue is when you agree, but have been talking about two different things.

We, humans, are very capable of hearing what we want to hear.

So, when the other person is talking, we adapt it to what we *think* we are talking about.

The most common split of conflict points is when one person is talking about the problem *now* and the other – about the problem *in general*.

So, be aware this situation happens.

And make sure to ask yourself “What are we arguing about?”

Make sure you are on the same conflict line.

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