TREE Team Model
Unlocking the potential of tech teams

Unlike any other industry, the tech industry has gathered outstanding talent with the potential to create amazing products. Dev teams have the opportunity to work on meaningful stuff whilst having fun.

Yet, you’ve probably often seen that teams don’t thrive, they don’t live up to their potential.

We want to unlock the potential of all teams in tech!
We’ve been in the tech industry for the past 17 years – developing software, managing projects, coaching people and teams. We have worked with 200+ teams in companies like Experian, Fourth, Milestone Systems, Software AG, Strypes, Uber, VMware.

We know the pain points you are facing:

👉 You wonder how to pull people together as they become more and more disconnected, disengaged, and ineffective to collaborate.

👉 You constantly have to manage the tension between people and to facilitate the unhealthy conflicts that arise.

👉 You feel that if you are not deeply involved in the work, the team will be slow or will not achieve the desired results.

👉 You wish people are proactive and don’t wait for you when things are not clear – to come up with solutions, to make decisions, to take the risks.

We developed a solution to these problems – the TReE Team Model for powerful teams:

💛 Trust: the team’s hidden foundation consists of strong human relationships and a psychologically safe environment.

✅ Results: the team has ways of working that lead to delivering quality results on time.

🌳 Evolution: the team successfully navigates through and excels during uncertain and changing environments.

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