Beware: This 3-letter Word Can Ruin Your Feedback

When giving feedback, think twice before using BUT in your statement.

BUT is a conjunction that is used to connect two ideas that contrast.

An Example of Inappropriate Using

When the beginning of your statement is positive and you use BUT to give negative feedback – BUT deletes the first statement (the one before BUT).

How To Avoid Using BUT When Giving Feedback

  • Replace it with AND if possible. AND connects and rewards the other person.
  • Just put a full stop. Just stop. After a short pause, continue with your next statement.
  • Try using ON ONE HAND and ON THE OTHER HAND when you want to give feedback for both good and bad behavior. This way both statements stand equal.

An Example of Appropriate Using

BUT is a wonderful conjunction when you want to point out and emphasize what you are about to say (the one after BUT).

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