5 tips when Giving Feedback

5 things to keep in mind when giving feedback: 👇

👉 Make sure people are ready to receive the feedback. Give a heads up and create a safe space.

👉 Make sure people are actually listening to you. If the feedback is negative – do it in private.

👉 Make sure you are objective and specific. Don’t use words like “always” and “never”. They are rarely accurate and people will reject the feedback right away.

👉 Make sure people are understanding you. Giving feedback is not a one-way street. It’s a dialogue. If things are not clear – give more examples and allow questions.

👉 Allow people to disagree with you. What you say is your perspective. Moreover, people might need time to digest the information. It’s OK for them not to accept or reject the feedback right away.

The content of the feedback is important.

But if you don’t approach the process properly – you are wasting your time!

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