Leadership Skills
Training activities to develop your current and future leaders to handle their people and team challenges.


For Team Leaders

Confident & capable leaders

Оver a few months


You are worried that the newly promoted leaders have only technical experience and minimal knowledge of people management.

You feel the leaders in your organization can’t manage the rising tension in their teams or can’t create a positive team climate.

You feel leaders can’t give feedback properly, communicate clearly with their people, and even avoid the people management aspects of their role.

Some of your teams don’t deliver the expected performance and results.

You fear some of the leaders might burn out from all the people and team issues while also having to deliver results.


The leaders will better understand team dynamics and how to manage them.

The leaders will know how to apply practices and techniques for the team and interpersonal communication, including giving feedback and conflict resolution.

The team climate and the delivered results in your teams will be improved.

The leaders will solve people and team issues more easily, confidently, and independently.


An initial 30-minute online meeting between you and us. The outcome of the meeting is to understand clearly the goal and the context, which makes the leadership skills training needed.

The leadership skills training is performed using six 3-hour sessions. The first two are on one hand foundational for the leaders to understand team dynamics and team development (see The Empty Chair game and Deep Dive workshop). On the other hand, they serve as a guide for us to choose the most useful next 4 sessions based on the needs of the leaders, defined at the Initial meeting.

A follow-up 30-minute online session between you and us. We give feedback on how your leaders performed during their leadership skills training and what challenges they overcame. We share recommendations for the leader’s further development.

Price: 8000 EUR