Enter and Exit Conflicts with Style

Practice how to resolve conflict situations by playing real-life scenarios 

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You’ll Learn
  • Which are the different conflict styles
  • How to create win-win solutions
  • Which is your typical conflict resolution style
  • To consciously adapt your behavior during conflicts  
You’ll Get
  • 3-9 players improvisational game
  • 10+ real-life scenarios close to the work environment
  • Instructions on how to play the game with your teammates
  • Two popular conflict resolution models – TKI and PIN
You need this if you
  • Don’t express your opinion in the team
  • Avoid conflict situations or leave them unresolved
  • Enter conflicts with teammates who have strong opinions
  • Are in an environment that is “buzzing” with interpersonal attacks

21.90 EUR / year

Are we some shady dealers?
No, we’re not… even though we call ourselves The Gang.
Our gang has:
  • 5 illustrated characters who will be your learning buddies
  • 3 real people who are IT&HR experts
  • 18 years of practical experience in the IT world
  • Training experience of more than 300 teams in 71 tech companies
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  • Show that learning can be easy and fun
  • Give a sandbox environment to experiment safely
  • Share actionable tips and real scenarios from the tech world
  • We believe that anyone can become a Soft Skills Master
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21.90 EUR / year

These tech companies took the pill in training sessions with us in the past 7 years
… and now you can take it on your couch at home!

21.90 EUR / year

What do people say about us
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
(4.61 out of 5 based on 281 reviews)

21.90 EUR / year

Frequently Asked Questions

No, in order to get the real benefits of the pill you should be at least 3 players.

The game is designed for 2 players in action – to act out the scenarios and for the other/others to observe them and try to discern which conflict resolution style each player used. The roles change when you go through the scenarios.

If you decide to take it by yourself, you’ll learn about the conflict resolution styles, but you won’t be able to play the game and apply the styles.

No, it’s not required for everyone.
But it’s far more convenient to take the pill using 3 separate screens – one for each of the players, and the third one for the audience.
If only 1 member has a subscription, you’ll have to share a screen.


You’ll find 11 real scenarios in the pill. A scenario takes between 5-10 minutes to go through.

It lets you move at your own pace and according to your and your team members’ availability.

You don’t have to go through all scenarios at once – if you have a small gap between meetings, that’s just enough to go through a single scenario and revisit the pill whenever convenient.

No, you’ll need an internet connection.

The pill is hands-on! You won’t have to sit around and go through endless videos or theoretical lectures. The pill is not a book you read once and shelve.

We developed this product following our core principle – the true mastery of a new skill comes through practice!

And if you enjoy reading and watching videos, you can dive into our Library section.

No, you’re not going to get a certificate – you’ll get something even better – mastery of a new skill!

Yes, you can use the pill as part of your training projects.

To do so you have two main options:

1) Every participant buys the pill, uses it during the training, and afterwards has access to it for personal use.

2) You contact us at team@softskillspills.com to discuss your needs and we’ll offer you the best possible solution on how to use the pill.

We’ve designed the pill so our colorful illustrated characters will guide you.
Of course, if you encounter technical problems or questions that we haven’t answered in the FAQ – just email us at team@softskillspills.com.
No, of course not… It’s worth much more!
But our thug code abides us to help IT people work better together (even at that price)!

21.90 EUR / year