Our story
Hi! Our colorful gang has 5 characters:
Broccoli, Prodigy, Little One, Nerd and Red.
But there are only 3 real people in our lab …
The people from the lab

Blame me if the CSS of the site is not working. Although I’m an ex-developer, I was never into front-end.
Also, I’m the one responsible for painting this
color plenty of times in our illustrations. I say it’s dark yellow, but Petya and Vasi think otherwise. They say it looks like


If you feel some drawings are not OK, it must be the bЯokeN perspective. It’s natural for me to draw things upside down. Arts are my hobby – but I’ve spent 15+ years working in HR and internal training.


If somewhere on the site the text is boooooooring, like this one, and not funny enough, you should point the finger at yourself. My humour is great! Unagi! Also, I’m a marketing explorer. And I love to sprinkle texts with emojis: ⛵ ‍☠️

A brief history of the gang

The evolution of the colorful gang

Once upon a time… а software developer met an HR person in the kingdom of IT. This was our beginning. Together, we went on adventures to help the subject of the kingdom to work better together. We fought many people-management battles and completed countless leadership quests.

Day after day, we worked developing the people and processes in the kingdom. Our first challenge was to strengthen the heroes. We created a special training ground where leaders could fight in battles that felt real. Afterward, they were able to deal with the “dragons” in their own teams.

When we saw the impact of the right training in soft skills, we knew we needed to help more people.

We settled and created our own kingdom – a company focused on soft skills training and consulting for IT people. We called it Tochka 2 (literally translates as Dot 2).

A young explorer joined our kingdom – and she was a discoverer of marketing magic. Together, our superpower is to strengthen IT teams through fun, practical games.

  is our latest project, created to share our experience and knowledge but without the need for a traditional trainer.

You can develop your own unlimited superpowers – with a little help from our colorful gang.

Our experience (IN NUMBERS)
years practical experience in the IT world
IT companies we have worked with
IT people who have experienced our trainings
% is the average rating of all our trainings