Bring up interpersonal issues in a safe way

A team exercise for everyone to get feedback on their work-related worries

21.90 EUR / year

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You’ll Learn
  • What are everyone’s biggest work anxieties
  • What everyone on the team thinks about their teammates’ behavior
  • What are the hidden conflicts in your team 
  • What do people do that creates tension in others
You’ll Get
  • Team exercise
  • A structured and safe approach to release the tension and improve psychological safety in the team 
  • Instructions in the form of colorful illustrations on how to conduct the workshop yourself 
  • The most-liked approach by teams
You need this if you
  • Don’t share your problems and concerns within the team openly
  • Describe your team environment as harmonious… but artificial
  • Sense there is tension between your teammates and you don’t know what’s causing it

21.90 EUR / year

Are we some shady dealers?
No, we’re not… even though we call ourselves The Gang.
Our gang has:
  • 5 illustrated characters who will be your learning buddies
  • 3 real people who are IT&HR experts
  • 18 years of practical experience in the IT world
  • Training experience of more than 300 teams in 71 tech companies
Our Thug Code
  • Show that learning can be easy and fun
  • Give a sandbox environment to experiment safely
  • Share actionable tips and real scenarios from the tech world
  • We believe that anyone can become a Soft Skills Master
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21.90 EUR / year

These tech companies took the pill in training sessions with us in the past 7 years
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21.90 EUR / year

What do people say about us
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
(4.73 out of 5 based on 214 reviews)

21.90 EUR / year

Frequently Asked Questions
No, it’s not required.
Only the person who will facilitate the exercise needs to have an active subscription.

The duration of the exercise depends on the size of your team and the length of your discussions. The mechanics of the exercise is designed so that each team member must share at least 1 work anxiety.

We recommend allocating 3 hours max (including breaks).

For smaller teams (up to 5 people) 2 hours are enough.

The exercise can also be held in an online meeting. You just need to have a good internet connection and everyone in the meeting to have their cameras and microphones turned on. 🙂

No, you’ll need an internet connection if you want to review the steps while doing the exercise.

The pill is an actionable guide! You won’t have to sit around and go through endless videos or theoretical lectures. The pill is not a book. The pill is a tool you can use to improve your team environment.

If you are interested in the topic of receiving feedback and building trust in the team – you can dive into our Library section.

Yes, you can use the pill as part of your training projects.
It is not necessary for the training participants to have an active subscription to the pill.
We’ve designed the pill so our colorful illustrated characters will guide you.
Of course, if you encounter technical problems or questions that we haven’t answered in the FAQ – just email us at
No, of course not… It’s worth much more!
But our thug code abides us to help IT people work better together (even at that price)!

21.90 EUR / year