Create Strong Teams in a Remote Environment

🙌 How to connect on human level when working in virtual teams?

Creating strong teams is hard enough when working in a collocated environment. So, it goes extra hard when you are physically distributed.

When working with teams at Tochka 2 and we go into deep dive discussions (workshop that works on real cases/issues), there is always the case of “there is one guy in another country that’s causing a lot of trouble”. There are times where two sub-teams are in storming phase for 5 years.

Our suggestion is to connect on human level first!

Just start your meetings with something personal.

Here are 4 ideas how:

1️⃣ The Weekend Report – Share what did you do this weekend.

2️⃣ Personal Histories Exercise – Answer these 3 questions:

1) Where were you born and where did you grow up?

2) How many children are there in your family and where do you fall in the order?

3) Which was the hardest or the most important event or challenge that you overcame in your childhood?

3️⃣ Emotional Check-in – Share how do you feel and why?

4️⃣ Big Talks – Have a unified conversation around a question, similar to The Jefersonnian dinner.

Share what’s your most embarrassing story, what is the best piece of advice you ever received, when was the time you changed your mind, etc.


📌 The trick is not to start with work immediately.

Share something personal in a safe way. Vulnerability leads to trust and connection.


– The Gang

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