Delegation Barriers

If you’re a leader, then most definitely you’ve faced some of these barriers when delegating… effectively.
We often ignore them or pass them by but these barriers are there as a warning!

This Daily Vitamin is dedicated to the delegation barriers and how to recognize them.

🚧 Why we avoid delegating tasks:

– I don’t have enough time.
– I’ll lose control.
– I’ll lose the recognition – it will go to another member.
– I’ll lose the tasks that I enjoy.
– I can do it better.
– I’ll lose my job.
– I don’t trust anybody else can get the job done.

Of course there are always two sides of a story. Let’s take a look through the other set of eyes.

🚧 Why others avoid delegated tasks:

– I don’t have enough time.
– I don’t have the experience.
– I’m afraid I’ll fail.
– It’s not my responsibility.
– I’m afraid I’ll be the one to take the fall in case of failure and they would blame me.
– I’ll suffer negative outcomes & reactions from the other teammates.

They look quite similar, don’t you think?

It’s a fact that delegation is a difficult and complex task when in a leadership position.

🛑 Next time when you feel you’re in a dead end street, stop and think about the barriers in front of you.

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