Don’t Assume

You have a problem if you are quick at connecting the dots.

There is a downside to every strength.

If you are great at connecting the dots, then it’s amazing that you can:
⚪ create ideas out of nothing
⚪ troubleshoot problems
⚪ make quick decisions
⚪ learn new things easily


As a personal example – I know I could be quite poor in active listening.

The problem is that midway through someone else’s sentence, I think I know what the person is saying.

I connect the dots.

Then, I stop listening and start thinking of my response.

More often than not, I am wrong with what was about to be said.

And that leads to conflict situations and then – poor relationships.


Don’t assume!

Stop connecting the dots in all contexts. It’s not always a strength.

– Hari from the Gang

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