Effective Team Meetings

One of the most frequently exposed pains in IT teams, is the effectiveness of team meetings.

So if you’re struggling as well, and want to be part of an effective team meeting, make sure to check the items on the list below during your meeting! ✍️

✔️ Unfiltered conflict – everyone says what they think, there is a high level of trust, there is drama.
✔️ The tension disappears after the dispute ends – there is no drama afterwards.
✔️ Every participant is active – everyone is involved in the meeting and has shared their point of view, everyone has spoken approximately the same time.
✔️ Commitment – everyone agrees to follow the decision, even of they don’t agree with it.
✔️ Decision clarity – everyone is on the same page about the subsequent actions.

Try it and let us know how it went! 😉

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