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Five Dysfunctions of a Team

🔘 We are happy that Ocado Technology has become our partner in developing our soft skills platform!

One of the key values in Ocado Technology is Trust as this is the foundation of great teamwork – support each other and work towards a common goal. Ocado Technology uses robotics, AI, and software engineering as a way to transform and enable some of the world’s most forward-thinking retailers to do grocery online.

Patrick Lencioni’s pyramid of the 5 Five Dysfunctions of a team is quite known in the Soft Skills world and it’s like that because of its simplicity. The model provides a solution to a problem most leaders face at some point – how to make dysfunctional teams work better together.

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Make sure to check the 5 Keys for Overcoming the 5 Dysfunctions:

1. Trust: team members demonstrate a vulnerability.

2. Conflict: people trust each other and feel safe to openly express their opinions.

3. Commitment: team members commit to decisions, even if they have not agreed with them initially.

4. Accountability: people hold each other accountable regarding following the team’s decisions and high standards.

5. Results: people focus only on what is best for the team, leaving aside their own personal needs.

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