Games – why we fall in love with them as kids
and continue playing them as adults

We play all the time – whether we do it consciously or not; whether we follow rules, “break” them or find these little shortcuts and workarounds along the way until the end of the game – we still play. You wonder why? – Because it is one of the most fundamental instruments to learn! 🙂

We can think of the game as a platform where it all feels natural – even in our everyday life with this never-ending juggle of multiple roles. Through games we, as humans, are able to learn in the most sufficient, quick, easy and intuitive way. It’s the most natural way to acquire knowledge; to see and explore up close situations, models and different forms of behavior. We can even “see” ourselves. All of this we can find in games. And, we even find it easy-to-consume and enjoyable – 2 add-ons in the cocktail of Learning!

When we experience and enjoy the game firsthand by actively participating in the game process, we tend to remember and learn for the long run. Here the emotion-based experience is key.

Playing is a format that gives us everything needed to gain experience & knowledge all at the same time. By playing we can experiment in a safe environment and learn from our own and others’ mistakes.

“But, Pippi,” said Tommy, “you can’t play the piano, can you?”
“How can I tell,” said Pippi, “when I’ve never tried? I’ve never had any piano to try on. And this much I can tell you, Tommy-to play the piano without any piano, that takes a powerful lot of practicing.”

“Pippi Longstocking”, Astrid Lindgren

Often games are associated solely with children and we neglect them when it comes to grown-ups. But actually, it comes naturally to both parties and it is the fastest way to learn!
And that’s why we are so in love with this method of learning. Other formats cannot offer all this – lectures, presentations, watching videos – non of them! So until something better comes our way, we’ll continue to play! 🙃

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