If you have a HIPPO, speak last!

Do you have a HIPPO? Then speak last.

This is what Marissa Mayer had to apply when at Google.

It’s common when people lack power or status to not speak up when the HIPPO (HIghest Paid Person’s Opinion) is heard.

It doesn’t matter if you are the team manager or the expert.

When you are in charge of the decision and you already know what to do (or you think you do) – it’s critical for you to speak last.

“Getting to the right answer is important, but having the whole team get there is just as important.”

This is a quote from the book Trillion Dollar Coach, with the story of how Marissa Mayer learned the value of speaking last.

Her coach Bill Campbell suggested that her team is not so active and don’t come up with solutions because Marissa speaks first.

“So Marissa sat, uncharacteristically quiet, while her team debated issues. She didn’t like it, but it worked.”

So, next time when you are having a team debate – think when you should speak up.

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