Immunity to Change

What is immunity to change and how you can help your people to overcome it?

You can try working through your unconscious assumptions using this interactive worksheet.

Which are the 5 steps of overcoming an immunity to change?

Let’s go through this wonderful article by Mind Tools in just the highlights:

Step 1: Commit to a Change Goal – identify your change goal clearly, and be specific!

Step 2: Describe the Behavior That You Need to Change – describe clearly and honestly what is preventing the change from happening.

Step 3: Uncover Your Hidden Competing Commitments – Consider the worst thing that could happen if you stopped doing the actions that you described in Step 2, and did the opposite instead.

Step 4: Tease Out Your Big Assumptions – identify the underlying assumptions involved.

Step 5: Test Your Big Assumptions – test your assumptions and establish whether they’re true or not.


Check out the whole article and happy reading! 😊

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