Make Your Work Visible

What does it mean to make your work visible?

It’s a way to communicate the progress and value of your work to others within the team.

You share what you’re currently working on:
what your current priorities are,
where your efforts go,
where your difficulties are.
By demonstrating your progress on a task, you can contribute to a more complex team discussion.

Let’s see what your objections are to not making your work visible

…and why it makes sense to start doing it

⛔️ the most common barriers that can prevent people from making their work visible
what is the plus if you start doing it
‍☠️ how can you do it wrong

Some examples:

⛔️ “I’m humble: I don’t want to brag!”
It’s a very fine line and it depends on the context and manner you make your work visible. If you share information and demonstrate the value you put into your work, you make it easier for people to appreciate your efforts and results.
‍☠️ If you do it to attract attention, in a rude and conceited way – you will go to the other extreme of bragging.

⛔️ “I’m an introverted person: I prefer to work independently and I’m uncomfortable sharing my work with others!”
You bring awareness and transparency to your work, which in turn leads to greater trust among others. In addition, you strengthen your relationship with your teammates, because you make it possible for someone to help you!
‍☠️ When you share information – be careful not to share confidential or personal details, because it can in some cases be used against you.

⛔️ “I’m a self-critical person: My work is not of the necessary quality to share and show!”
Sharing about your work can bring you positive feedback from others, which will be positive reinforcement to improve and keep going.
‍☠️ You may also bring a sense of competition to the team as others may try to copy or imitate your work.

⛔️ “I’m afraid of being criticized!”
By sharing, you allow others to correct you if you are not moving in the right direction or simply to understand that you have a problem.
‍☠️ Asking for feedback and then rejecting everything will annoy the others in your team.

⛔️ “I’m a person who suffers from Impostor Syndrome: My work is not good enough and my colleagues will realize that I am not as competent as I appear!”
Making your work visible is a great way to overcome the syndrome – you will break the cycle of constant self-doubt because you will focus on your achievements and your abilities! You can also take it as an opportunity for growth, learning, and career development.
‍☠️ If you overdo the self-confidence, you may lean towards bragging.

To summarize:

Making your work visible to your team will help you:

  • recognize your strengths, as well as ease the people around you to evaluate you adequately,
  • build a better team environment as you strengthen your bonds with your teammates.

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