It’s Confirmed: Meetings are a Waste of Time

Meeting-free days? – Oh, yes! It works!

Management professor Vijay Pereira, head of the People and Organisations department at NEOMA Business School in Reims – one of the grandes écoles at which France trains its business leaders – describes himself as “a late entrant into academia”, having previously worked in industry as a consultant. Throughout his corporate career he had wondered: “Should we meet? How much should we meet? And do meetings actually lead to people being more productive?” In 2019, with colleagues from three business schools in the UK, he set out to find the answers.

Most of the 76 multinational companies in Pereira’s two-year experiment found that meeting-free days worked. They didn’t need to have as many meetings. Most companies, on most days, didn’t need to have meetings at all!

Check out the whole article and give it a try! It just might do the trick for your team as well! 😉

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