Onboarding Library for Newcomers

How to onboard a new teammate? – The bonus add-on to your onboarding process

Especially in a remote setup, the onboarding process may be more difficult because of the physical distance. And so, we offer you a quick and easy step to add to your onboarding process. 👇

Start recording your online team meetings – the ones where you work for a better team climate or/and the strategic ones like:

  • discussions of team priorities and responsibilities
  • decision-making meetings
  • meetings when there’s a crisis

When a new member joins the team, they can watch the recordings to get acquainted with the set team priorities, the communication flow and the team climate overall. Like this, the new teammate gets a feeling of the teamwork and team history – which leads to building trust.

You can save the recordings in a directory called “Onboarding Library”, “Team History” or even “The Team’s RAM!”

Remote setup can have its advantages, right? 😏

By adding this practice to your onboarding process, it will be easier for the new teammate to get to know the team without the need of an active and non-stop present “buddy” along the way.

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