What makes you influential and charismatic

#42, Jan 26, 2024

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What’s the issue about?

What makes you influential and charismatic?

We’re diving into the art of expressing yourself convincingly.

And I don’t just mean only during presentations. We’re taking public speaking as an example, but you can transfer it to anything you want to express your opinion confidently, winning over your audience.

What you will read shortly are the presentation tips straight from a professional improv actor – Zlatin Tsvetkov, who was our guest on the Radio Tochka 2 podcast.

And you can apply them daily in your work.

How to overcome the tension associated with public speaking?

One of the things that cause us the so-called “stage fright” is that we treat presenting as an exam.

These two questions running through your head are the “culprits” of the tension that manifests itself in sweaty hands, shaky voice, stuttering, pounding heart, etc. when you present before an audience:

– 🙁 Does what I say count because I’m not the most competent?

– 🙁 Will I be criticized by people?

Presentation is an art in which you have to be attuned to how to influence others. It’s not a test of whether you know the material, but how you express your point of view.

And now, the big secret that will free you from these questions:

There are no confident people. Everyone has doubts deep inside whether something is okay or not. People who appear confident to us simply demonstrate confidence more convincingly.

Persuasive behavior is about dealing with your internal stress related to:

1. How do I perceive myself? → I’m afraid that I am not competent enough.

2. How do I perceive others? → I’m afraid that I will be evaluated and tested.

No need to feel like you’re taking an exam—imagine being as confident and relaxed as if you were sharing thoughts with friends at your favorite spot…

The key to this is not to put the focus on yourself.

Your focus should be outside. Where you want to take the audience – your goal and the topic you want to introduce them to.

And it depends on you whether this trip will be exciting and impactful for them.

What makes you influential and charismatic?

The fact that you have learned and prepared all the content, even if you know all the information on a given topic – does not guarantee that you will be able to win the opinion of people against you.

What the audience gains is:

1. Positive attitude towards yourself – believing in what you say and showing that you care (confidence)

Example: If you have a super interesting story you want to tell your friends, you won’t be able to wait to share it with them. You will speak in a raised voice, you will tell them why you are so interested.

2. Positive attitude towards others – everything they do helps you to discover the topic further (benevolence)

Example: The fact that someone may disagree with you can help you see different perspectives together or give you an opportunity to get to know them even more.

3. Presence at the moment – observe and react to people’s reactions with the aim that they understand that you are here and now. People love to feel seen. (responsiveness)

Example: You see someone frowning. You can stop and ask them if there is anything unclear.

So, what’s the secret of being confident

Confidence is not about content and how competent you are.

Presentation is about your interpretation of some information.

If you have a positive attitude towards what you do and a desire to be useful to others – you will influence the audience and feel like among your friends at your favorite spot.

Stay Healthy, my dear Pill-er!
– Vasi

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