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#41, Jan 12, 2024

Vasi is here. Post-holiday and back-to-work Vasi.

At home, the Christmas tree is still up in the living room. It will be planted soon.

Meanwhile, our lab at Soft Skills Pills is running at full capacity. With the gang, we’re preparing the release of a new product on the platform – TReE Team Scan.


yeah, we’ll still have a Christmas tree in the living room until February…

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What’s the issue about?

What is TReE Team Scan and how with its help you’ll see how strong your dev team is.

A little backstory

More than once, I’ve listened to Petya and Hari discuss their impressions of the teams they meet at team coaching sessions.

As team coaches they look under the hood of any team. There are plenty of things to look for.

Based on their experience in coaching 250+ dev teams during 17 years of practical experience in the IT world, these are the root causes dev teams become slow and low-performing:

☢️ People focus only on work
☢️ People don’t know each other
☢️ Low trust between team members
☢️ Conflict is not used as a tool
☢️ Lack of clarity and structure
☢️ Ambiguous decision-making process
☢️ People don’t learn from experience
☢️ Lack of skill to experiment

They structured the repeating patterns into a 9-item checklist to see if one team is great:

Basically, a team needs these 3 key aspects to be successful:

1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ The human side of the team: strong human relationships and a psychologically safe environment.
4️⃣5️⃣6️⃣ The work aspects of the team: results delivered with high quality in no time.
7️⃣8️⃣9️⃣ The external management aspect: evolution, regardless of the uncertainty and change coming outside of the team.

And so… the TReE Team Model was born.

The TReE Team Model for high-performing & people-caring dev teams

We developed this model to show what a great dev team looks like.

There are 3 main aspects of the tree, which we use as a metaphor for a team:

▪️ The Roots (❤️ Trust): the hidden and often neglected human aspect of a team.
▪️ The Trunk (✅ Results): the visible part, the work aspect most teams focus on.
▪️ The Crown (⬆️ Evolution): the exposed part dealing with all external forces.

And soon you’ll be able to use this model to scan your team…

TReE Team Scan – see EXACTLY how strong your dev team is

Based on the model we developed an online self-assessment tool, revealing a snapshot of your team dynamics.

➡️ You’ll stop wondering if your actions as a leader are right
➡️ You’ll get a reality check
➡️ You’ll focus on the critical aspects

The scan is done in three steps:

  • You fill out basic info about your team
  • You and your people answer the questions from our survey
  • You get the Report

36 dev teams already passed our beta tests.

I’m thrilled that in February we’ll be able to release this tool officially.


Get a sample TReE Team Scan report

The gang and I wanted “to raise the curtain” a little bit more. And show you what TReE Team Scan is.

And because we don’t like there to be a discrepancy in expectations, we decided to demonstrate to you what you would get after your team fills in the questions from our survey.

If you want to be like Hari ⬇️

I’ll automatically email the sample report to you.

If you want to explore more on the subject…

(for Bulgarian speakers): In our first video episode of the Radio Tochka 2 podcast, Hari and I talk more about the product and how the results you get from it should be read.

Stay Healthy, my dear Pill-er!
– Vasi

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