About One Jazz Concert and The Stopping

#35, Oct 20, 2023

Vasi is here.

Today’s dose will be different.

I had a plan to prepare something short and useful on how to say “No” in 5 steps. Regarding a recent example of mine where I had to write a rejection mail to a client request.

But there was no time left. I got some weird virus this week. Weakness, fatigue, dizziness. I felt that this was not my body.
However, this body can withstand all kinds of things – work, housework, playing with the child, training, walking, running… all kinds of tasks.

But on Tuesday night, this body just told me: “Okay, I can’t do it anymore. I’m stopping for a while. I’m going to lie down here. And you, if you want, keep thinking about what else you want and have to do.”

The body may shut down, but the brain is still working (and thank God)

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 10 seconds.

What’s the issue about?

I feel much better now. And that’s why today’s dose will be about – STOPPING.

And my real stop wasn’t while I was lying at home. It was after I got better.

My beloved partner bought tickets some time ago for a jazz concert in one of my favorite places in Sofia – bar “Ж Jazz Room”.
(and if that’s not motivation to get better! )

So yesterday evening we went to the concert.

Everything was exactly how jazz should be experienced. In my opinion.

In a small and cozy space, snug armchairs, dimmed light, large windows hidden behind thick curtains. Acoustic music.

Musicians who play more for the passion of playing than for being in front of an audience.

A belated young couple – the man in a suit, the woman in a stylish coat, who slipped quietly through the door.

The loved person who looks at you just to see how you feel

A young boy who loved playing sooo much that after the concert, while the musicians were putting away their instruments, he slipped in, grabbed the sticks, and sat down in front of the drums. Without touching them, he closed his eyes and began to imagine that he was “playing”.

I don’t know if you are like me – in addition to what is presented to you, to observe everything around you – the people you’re there with, in the same place, at the same time – the whole atmosphere.

Right before I walked into the bar, I was talking to my mom on the phone. She had just come home. After another procedure. In one of the many hospitals where she already knows every corridor. Another conversation after which I don’t want to talk…

But the whole atmosphere that came over me after that helped me stop for a while. To stop thinking. I wanted to soak it all up. To remember everything. And to turn it into a small island of memory to stay in my head. To return to it every time I need to stop for a while again.

Today I woke up and decided to describe all this. I opened a blank file in Evernote and started writing. I know this would help me organize my thoughts.

Now I’m sending you this different dose with the idea that it may be useful to you as well.

Find yourself from time to time such experiences in which you can stop for a while. To be here and now, to experience them. Truly.

For me, writing and music help me to find these moments.

Just for 5 minutes. For 10 minutes. Or for 1 hour. Give yourself a break.

And how about it’s right… now?

Stay Healthy, my dear Pill-er!
– Vasi

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