Tochka 2 is 5 years old!

Tochka 2 is 5 years old! 🎂🥳

It’s time to take a look back:

The past year has been quite challenging. Even the fact that with the pandemic and everything going on in the world, we are still up and running, is in the “success” list, definitely. 🙃

The “meaningful” list:

👶 Vasi became Mama Vasi and our gang got it’s tiniest “dot” (Tochka means dot in Bulgarian)

✂ Alex joined the gang – at first as “Alex Scissorhands” for our podcast in Bulgarian, Radiotochka 2, and started “cutting” the episodes in small segments. Afterwards she dove into our Daily Vitamins project, part of the Soft Skills Pills platform.

🌳 As a result of our hard work with over 80 IT Teams, we developed the TReE Team model for powerful teams that presents 9 key points that we believe every team should nurture and have.

🥇 We started doing Team Coaching. It’s never been just trainings with us, but now we offer a complete method for building teams – no matter if they have just started working together or they’ve been together for the past 20 years.

💻 We managed to keep the game in our trainings even in the online world. We created our own world in Minecraft where we play and we use our Soft Skills Pills platform to keep the sessions interactive and practical.

💛 A number of tech companies joined our efforts in helping IT people work better together and they became partners for developing Tochka 2’s projects in a sustainable way.

So Hooray! and go and get a piece of cake for Tochka 2’s Birthday!

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