Understanding Others

Human interaction? – If you are assuming, you’re doing it wrong!

▪️If someone is not speaking – they’re shy.

▪️If someone is talking all the time in team meetings – they’re dominant.

▪️If someone is not coming to team events – they are not a team player.

The issue with all these statements is that they reflect your experiences, biases and worldview.

❌ The direction is wrong: assumption -> behavior

The bad thing is that we, humans, are so skillful in connecting the dots.
Once you have your mind fixed on an assumption – you tweak reality to match what you want to see.

✅ You have to reverse the direction: behavior -> understanding

You have to forget what you think is the root cause. You have to start with the behavior first.
Be curious, ask questions and validate your understanding.

When was the last time you caught yourself assuming?

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