Avoid Miscommunication Using the 4 Ears

To avoid miscommunication – emphasize how you want to be heard.

You should minimize the possibility of interpretation.

🦎 Communication between people is like a chameleon.

What you say can totally change in the ears of the other person.

Keep in mind that the other they can hear you in 4 different ways:

  • factual ear: they will focus only on the news and information
  • appeal ear: they will focus on what action to take
  • relationship: – they will focus on what you think of them
  • self-revealing ear: they will focus on what you reveal about yourself

Put emphasis on how they should hear you or how they should NOT hear you.

To sum up:

  1. We all have 4 ears.
  2. Don’t leave it to chance how they hear you!
  3. Emphasize the right ear.


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