Watch your language!

🤔 “If only…”

Often, when we think about why we acted in a certain way, we find an explanation for our actions and behavior based on some of the following reasons:

👉 “it is in my blood”: My parents act like that, therefore I act like that – hereditary origin.

👉 “it’s how I’m raised”: It’s how I’ve been told to do. Even if I don’t want to – I’m brought up this way.

👉 “It’s what I see”: Everybody around me does it like that. And so, I’m doing it like that – environment.

Yes, all these aspects affect our development, our character, and accordingly, our behavior. This does not mean that we cannot react differently.

⤴️ Our actions are a reaction to some stimulus.

And here comes the question – Are we proactive or reactive?

Being proactive means to react to a situation by our own choice and point of view. To be accountable.

🗨️ An easy and simple way to change or edit our actions? – listen carefully to our language – how and what we’re saying; choice of words, etc.

Reactive people often use sentences that emphasize that the reasons for their actions are beyond them, that they have no control, no freedom.

The change in our language, even a small one, will have a serious impact on our actions. 😉

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